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Thermocure I

Concrete Cylinder Curing Box – Heats Only

Thermocure is unique holding 22, 6 inch diameter concrete cylinders.

Why a Thermocure Concrete Curing box?

Easily Transportable
  • Lightweight
Lightweight High Tech Plastic Construction
  • Incredibly Durable; Absolutely Rustproof
Uses Water to Heat Concrete Cylinders
  • Minimal Temperature Loss When Lid is Opened
Sturdy, 14 Guage Stainless Steel Bottom Rack
  • Provides Optimum Water Circulation For Even Curing
Lockable Lid
  • For Tamper-Resistant Concrete Testing
Standard 110V AC Plug
Sturdily Mounted Heating/Cooling Unit
  • Compact; Maintenance Free
Bottom Valve
  • For Fast Draining
Preset Temperature Control
  • Thermostat Controlled For Trouble-Free Curing
Holds 22 Standard 6″ X 12″ Concrete Test Cylinders
Complies With Initial And Final Cure Requirements
Retains Moisture During Initial Concrete Cure
Meets AASHTO T23 and ASTM C31 Curing Requirements

Please call 518.490.2330 or email to place your order.