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Res-Tek is a leading U.S. manufacturer dedicated to the formulation and production of seamless commercial and industrial flooring systems, concrete deck coatings, and polymer concrete repair mortars. Our innovative, proprietary product lines, based on high quality reactive acrylic resins (methyl-mathacrylate) and cementitious urethane, are reliable, durable, and fast curing; offering a superior solution for the most challenging environments.

Why Res-Tek FlooringSystems?

  • Complete, Tested and Engineered Systems
  • Sole Source Manufacturer
  • Specific, Proprietary Formulations
  • Individual Project Approach
  • Extensive Authorized Applicator Network

Designed to facilitate cleanliness and maximize sanitation and safety, Res-Tek has been the flooring system of choice in numerous applications across multiple industries.

Methyl-Methacrylate Flooring Systems



Cementitious Urethane Flooring Systems


Vehicular Deck Coating Systems