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Phoscrete is a MALP CONCRETE that tenaciously bonds to concrete (both  chemically and mechanically).

Sets fast, even in cold weather, and is traffic ready one hour after initial set.

Airfield%20pavementsAirfield Pavements – Chicago O’Hare

Seawalls%20and%20DamsSeawalls and Dams – Folsom California USBR

2014-12%20MassDOTBridge Decks – I-90 Massachusetts

The opportunities are endless, other jobs include: Freezer Floors, Bridge Expansion Joint Nosings, Bridge Expansion Joint Headers, Loading Docks,Parking Decks, Beams, Columns


For 2015, we are proud to announce an improved formulation, Phoscrete HC with MALP+ Technology. Fiber Reinforcement delivers improved flexural strength, tensile strength, bond strength, and freeze/thaw resistance.

If you are looking for a fast-setting, easy to use concrete repair material that delivers outstanding performance on jobs small and large, please watch our short movie, check out our capabilities.

7c%20Imagine%20all%20you%20can%20doPhoscrete SG Shotcrete/ Gunite Bridge Installation


Contact us to find out if Phoscrete is a good fit for your concrete repair project

Phoscrete-Bag-and-JugTwo Component Bag and Jug