RJD Industries – Concrete Accessories

RJD LogoTerritory – New York, Northern New Jersey and New England

Founded in 1987, we are a manufacturer and distributor of specialized products for the concrete construction industry.   Our product lines are designed to eliminate introduction of corrosion into concrete structures and provide additional cost savings by dramatically reducing the amount of manhours necessary to complete the job when compared to traditional methodologies.  


Our innovative solutions include:

  • SuperTie fiberglass form tie systems are used to secure concrete framework during concrete placement and intial hydration.  The SuperTie Systems eliminate the possibility of rust stains and deterioration of the structure that is often caused by failure of patching for steel form tie holes.
  • SuperTie CR is our threaded fiberglass tie system.
  • FiberDowel is a fiberglass dowel bar system for the concrete paving industry.
  • SpliceSeal provides reinforcement and corrosion protection system for rebar and rebar couplers.
  • Fiberglass Reinforcing Bar is corrosion resistant, lightweight, will not interfere with sensitive electronic devices, and is highly efficient in resisting heat transfer.
  • FiberNail is our fiberglass embankment stabilization system.
  • Joint free slabs eliminate all traditional formed and sawn shrinkage control joints.

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