Helix Steel

Industry Leading, Three Dimensional, Proactive Concrete Reinforcement Technology 

Helix Steel is the manufacturer of Twisted Steel Micro-Rebar™ (TSMR™ or Micro-Rebar™), a three dimensional concrete reinforcement technology that quantifiably increases shear strength, durability and ductility while providing industry leading pre-crack capabilities. Simply put, by using Helix® Micro-Rebar™, you are protecting  your investment in concrete. 

Since 2003, Helix® Micro-Rebar™ has been used in applications ranging from structural foundations, walls, and slabs to suspended structural concrete, paving and tunnels.  In 2012, Helix Steel achieved IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) Evaluation Report ER-279 on Helix® 5-25.  Helix® 5-25 is the only discontinuous concrete reinforcement product in the world with an ISO certified design manual that can be followed to design vertical applications (such as walls), with Helix Steel as the primary concrete reinforcement.