Composite Rebar Technologies (CRT)

CRT-logo1Territory – MD, DE, D.C., NJ, PA, NY, New England

Superior Composite Rebar – Replaces Steel

Composite Rebar Technologies, Inc. (“CRT”) is a development stage company that has developed a unique hollow fiber reinforced polymer (“FRP”) composite reinforcing bar (“Rebar”) product and the process to produce it. The product will be used as a superior replacement for steel rebar in the concrete construction industry, due to its greater strength, light weight, and non-corroding characteristics.

Hollow Rebar


Long Life™ Dowels

CRT’s Long Life Dowel Bars offer the single best way to extend the life cycle of roadways that might otherwise deteriorate in less than 30 years.  We see no reason CRT’s Long Life Dowel Bars shouldn’t exceed 100 years in typical highway pavement construction.