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tribuilt Territory: Upstate New York and New England

Professional Grade Products for both Residential and Commercial projects


Cements and Coatings

  • ROOF X TENDER® has perfected a number of cold applied restoration systems. Our roof systems have been successfully installed for a variety of clients including globally recognized Fortune® 500 corporations. Our systems utilize only the highest quality sealants, repair tapes, waterproofing, reinforcements and energy saving coatings. These time-tested combinations create a seamless and watertight barrier with tremendous durability and performance. In addition, our systems can be installed without fire or burn hazards and without disruption to the operations below. These conveniences prevent the “unexpected” that can lead to costly down time, production delays, additional work and frustration for all parties involved. 
    • ROOF X TENDER 450 – Premium Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating
      • High Reflective
      • Reduces Energy Use
      • Cool Finish
    • ROOF X TENDER 500 – White Elastomeric Cool Roof Coating
      • Cool White Coating
      • Meets Energy Star
      • Helps Reduce Energy Usage
    • ROOF X TENDER 700 – Premium White Acrylic Cool Roof Coating
      • Whitest and Coolest
      • Exceeds Energy Star
      • Drastically Reduces Roof Temperatures
      • Lowers Cooling Costs
    • ROOF X TENDER 900 – Premium Thermoplastic Roof Coating
      • Extreme Flexibility
      • Powerful Adhesion
      • Fast Cure
      • Low Permeability