Rodenhouse Insulation Fastening Systems

Rodenhouse fastening systems RWB logo gradient Territory: Upstate New York and New England

Rodenhouse Inc., founded in 1993, manufactures innovative fastening systems for exterior building envelopes and facades. Our first fasteners focused on mechanically attached insulation found in EIFS or one coat polymer modified stucco systems. Other fasteners include washers for wire & stucco lath attachments, foam core tile backer board, and plaster repair.

Recently implemented energy codes have changed the insulation requirements for virtually all new construction. With those changes, Rodenhouse Inc. has partnered with leading foam insulation, building wrap, and air/moisture barrier manufacturers and has developed fasteners and tools to rapidly install the material. Thermal-Grip® ci and brick-tie washers are the latest development which have been tested, recommended, and approved to attach these products. The E-Z Driver chuck adaptor and the BullsEye® attachment for auto-feed screw guns are also a contractor’s choice to efficiently and rapidly install the fasteners.

               Fasteners by Application:

Rodenhouse CIContinuous Rigid Insulation

Rodenhouse EIFSStucco or EIFS

rodenhouse bwrap Commercial Building Wrap

Rodenhouse Foundation Foundations and Basements